Shelter Phone Cartridges

Shelter's phono cartridges are renowned for their flawless construction and high-precision performance. Twenty years of painstaking, passionate and meticulous attention to microscopic detail has led Shelter to the pinnacle of audio perfection by producing hand-crafted, Shelter cartridges that are so precise that every nuance and every delicate passage of music is faithfully reproduced at a level that is unmatched in the audio world. As the nationally recognized leader in the field of high-end audio, home theater and home electronics, Overture is proud to offer Shelter’s line of hi-fidelity phono cartridges. If you are interested in purchasing a Shelter product, you can trade-in any other brand electronic component or speaker on it by filling out Overture's Trade-In Form.


Shelter 501 III

phono cartridge.


Sales price: $1,295.00
Sales price: $1,500.00

Shelter 5000

Phono Cartridge.


Sales price: $1,900.00

Shelter 901 III


Sales price: $2,500.00

Shelter 7000

Phono Cartridge.


Sales price: $2,800.00

Shelter 9000

Phono Cartridge.


Sales price: $3,500.00
Sales price: $4,900.00

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